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Prefabricated wall

Prefabricated concrete walls of various sizes and shapes are one of the products of this company. In general, the walls of the company are divided into two types with a thickness of 16CM and 12CM, each type of wall with a brick, fence and simple design and with the ability to insert the desired logo of the buyer is produced. In the production of these walls, the concrete is 400 kg / m and the standard rebar network. The design of these walls is also designed to withstand wind speeds of 130km / hr.

Quadrant concrete beam

The company produces various types of concrete foundations with different dimensions and grades according to technical specifications and power standards, with specialist forces and automatic concrete machines and steam heating system. Currently, 16 types of concrete from 9 meters to 15 meters with different grades of resistance from 400 to 1200 are manufactured and supplied at Nik Taban Dos Co..

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Prefabricated wall

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